10 Point Health Plan – #1. Take Control of your Time and your Life

The first step in our 10 Point Health Plan is to take control of your time and your life.

Your health will benefit as a result.

Even if you change things in a small way, start making changes to achieve these two things:

  1. Do things you love.
  2. Change things in your life that you don’t like.

You will be less stressed as a result and will have a real sense of purpose and contentment in your life.

There are a few key articles relating to this concept in the life coaching section of this site (Take Control of Your Time, Plan for a Better Life) though, it being such a fundamental and important concept there are many other related articles on our site.

As the site is updated the links under ‘related articles’ below will be dynamically updated to reflect this (otherwise feel free to browse through the site at the many related articles for yourself).

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