About Life’s Too Good

Life’s Too Good is a collection of articles and resources covering 4 main subjects:

  • Live a healthier life
  • Take control of your life (Be your own Life Coach)
  • Work smarter
  • Be smart with your money

Our articles are entirely free.

We write the articles by drawing on our own knowledge (as nutritional analyst and life coach for Isabelle, as business coach for Alan) and our own experiences. We started this website when we moved from London to a little village in the middle of England (Derbyshire).

We swapped a busy stressful conventional life to a slow-paced simple and modest life. Since then, life has truly been too good and we certainly enjoy it a lot more for a lot less money. Life’s Too Good is not just a philosophy. All of the articles in this website come from our own trials and experiences.

We’re hoping our website will inspire you to make your life what you really want it to be and that you’ll enjoy it to the full. You don’t need to move to the countryside for that. Most of it you can incorporate into your own life wherever it is.

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