Ape Not Kill Ape (aka There’s Nothing Wiser Than Nature)

Ape Not Kill Ape (aka There's Nothing Wiser Than Nature)

After years of being mis-treated, experimented on and lied to by Humans – via a freak accident causing a global virus – Apes end up being the dominant race on the planet.

Unlike humans, Apes survive and thrive based on one simple principle:

“Ape Not Kill Ape.”

They can fight, hurt each other, even beat each other to near-death, but they can not kill each other.

Such a simple premise, but like all great models, ideas or principles, it IS simple.

We are stronger when we are together.

We are stronger when we help each other.

Apes, like humans, are not meant to kill each other. It’s not in their nature, and there is nothing wiser than nature.

We can kill other species for food or survival, but we are not meant to kill each other.

We are stronger when we help each other.

In the movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, quite aside from brilliant acting, cinematography and some new amazing techniques (not least the ‘post-human’ acting from Andy Serkis and others) – the story is also fantastic (if you can look past some of the hollywood treatment at the end) – I would recommend you go and see it.

So why is it that in this day and age, there is so much pain and suffering and humans ARE killing humans (not only that but doing so in terrible ways)?

Why have we still not evolved beyond that?

Help Others

The simple idea of helping others is one I have written about extensively (mostly on my other site, Networking Secrets).

This idea works well in a social setting (networking) and in business, as well as in life.

My primary concern for the moment though is that we are living in a world with amazing possibilities like never before, yet there are unspeakable atrocities happening all over the world. The subject is not ‘life’ or ‘business’, but ‘humanity‘ (or lack thereof).

Say NO to Injustice and Human Killing

So, we may not be in positions of power and influence…

Stop right there – take a look around.

Something big is happening all around us every day.

The world (i.e having power and influence in the world) is no longer so dependent upon permission or your position.

Via social media and in an ever connected world, we all have a voice – think Arab Spring.

Via social media and in an ever-connected world, we all have a voice

So I encourage you to make your voice heard.

It may only be a whisper, but sometimes even just a whisper can cause great things to happen if eventually it reaches the right ears.

You can absolutely do something about these atrocities. There are plenty of avenues you can follow.

If you feel strongly about any of this, here are a few simple things you can do:

  • Google it to find out more about the situation and look at it from all angles (plus please check your sources when you do this)
  • Say something about it via your own social media channels
  • Find and join a conversation about it to add your voice to that conversation (e.g. use a hashtag to search in Twitter)
  • Find a petition and sign it (which you can often do really easily) – two great places to look for these are Avaaz.org and Amnesty International

It is simple.

Ape Not Kill Ape.

We all deserve humanity – and we are stronger when we help each other.


Ape Not Kill Ape (aka There’s Nothing Wiser Than Nature) — 2 Comments

  1. I was just going to see this movie last weekend, but I saw something else instead. Maybe I should see it tonight. The reason I didn’t go was that my wife and I had a marathon viewing of the original series. We wanted to see that before going to the latest one.

    There is a lot of killing going on, isn’t there? There’s always some war and people doing bad things to each other, but I see the world as getting progressively better. Each day brings progress. On a side note, Ape shall not kill Ape didn’t bring Apes peace in the original series. In the final movie one did kill another suggesting that the cycle of violence from man would continue. It’s a really downbeat original series. But who knows where this new series will take it.

    • You should go and watch it, especially if you are a fan of the original films (I am too) – I think it;s pretty interesting.

      Note: I didn’t say that no apes get killed by apes, just that this was their rule and it helped them survive and thrive. This doesn’t mean that they followed it 100% – now I’m giving the impression that they didn’t. Maybe they did. You’ll have to go and see the film to find out.

      The point is the principle. I didn’t want to go much further than that because there are some twists in the film which would warrant further expanation and my article wasn’t really about the film – just about the principle, well more specifically about the principle that we’re stronger together, we’re stronger (and achieve more in life and in business) when we help each other.

      In fact more than that, as you spotted, for once I wanted to go beyond ‘life and business’ and put in a little plea for some humanity (a little political, I know and I usually avoid that) – simply because I’m afraid I see a lot of hypocrisy and corruption and a big hole at the moment where humanity should be – notably from our so-called leaders.

      I’m glad you see the world as getting progressively better, and I really, really hope you’re right, but at the moment I’m struggling to agree with you on that point which really pains me to say as usually I am an optimist, but the troubles in the world at the moment have me at a loss – in Gaza, Syria, Ukraine – they don’t make any sense.

      In any case, I do hope you’re right. I really do.

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