Wealth Tip #24: Buy Out Of Season

Wealth Tip #24: Buy Out Of Season

Guess what?  The best time to buy Christmas cards isn’t just before Christmas.  Though that’s when most people buy them because that’s the moment when they realise they need them.

Similarly the best time to buy ski equipment is not the middle of winter.

Buy Christmas cards and wrapping paper just after Christmas and you’ll make big savings. Then just put them in a box and wait for next christmas when you’ll be the first one ready with your cards ;-).

Buy ski equipment in the middle of summer.  You can also think about the best place to buy these items which will get you the best deal (e.g. not Val D’Isere for the ski gear).

Note: I’m not talking about items which are MEANT to be seasonal, such as fruits.

This is true for many items – particularly seasonal clothing. Buying bikinis in the winter and heavy sweaters and jackets in the summer will get you some fantastic bargains.

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