Not major changes, but changes nonetheless.

So as was is effectively splitting.

As you may or may not know this site started as an experiment, basically my teaching myself how to create a website – playing with the idea of ‘monetising’ that website with advertising and such, and then very very quickly going off that idea and removing all advertising from the website (in the view that for the amount of money that actually brings, it’s not worth hampering the reader experience with it. Did it really hamper the reader experience? One could always argue that everybody has ads these days etc etc etc. Anyways, I didn’t like it so off it went. Ages ago in fact and despite when this site was at its most popular I got some fairly unbelievable offers (he writes, kicking himself) one of the best of which was from a clothing company offering a very good monthly payment if they could put some banner ads on the site. It was a very tempting offer but we’re nothing to do with designer clothing really, are we?)…

Anyways, after proving to myself I could build a website and all the various things I could do with it, the experiment was basically done – the result being a website, traffic and a few interesting side-projects as a result. With the experiment over, then I had created something that I basically felt I needed to maintain and look after. Part of this was protecting the brand, part giving the audience what it wanted, part continuing to explore what could be done with it and part saying what I wanted to say.

It ended up being a lot of stuff with me in it – me as a professional (all the bits that give advice, sell anything or reference my professional experience) and me as a person (experiments, opinions, stuff I am learning myself along the way) as well as others (guest posts & also Isabelle, my wife who writes a lot of articles and also shares her professional and personal experience on this site but who is an experienced consultant, life coach and nutritional advisor in her own right).

This is because as the site evolved from a personal experiment to something with an audience, we started adding articles from our professional experience without really thinking much about it.

But ‘lifestoogood’ was never really originally about professional stuff. It was about enjoying the simpler things in life, enjoying life more for less, being healthier and happier – as the name suggests Life’s Too Good. Sometimes we forget it.

So the split is basically to take back to contain everything which fits the name and to move all of the more professional stuff to

To blog here on this site, to waffle and to explore more personal stuff, perhaps to engage with an audience if we still have one – and to move (and continue) the more professionally focused content to ltgconsulting.

I’m in no rush of course and there may be some overlaps as we get there, but that’s the plan anyway.

I hope that makes sense, comments welcome (though I don’t really expect any). Just wanted to make a note of what’s happening here – as much for myself as anyone else.

I’m going to be re-writing, throwing away and regurgitating a lot of the old content as well as writing new content – and I’m going to do all of that without a thought or care about SEO, length of article (=how long I feel like making it) or anything else other than what I feel like doing at the time – i.e. blogging.

Head over to if you want the more carefully prepared stuff (though admittedly it’s not too carefully prepared, just more so than here).

p.s. be prepared that there will be a lot of ‘as much for myself’ articles getting posted here – i.e. it’s going to end up being more of a blog (i.e. weblog) than perhaps it was previously now that we have that clear distinction.

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