Wealth Tip #22: Cinema Tip #2 (Refreshments)

When you go to the cinema, if you think a little in advance, you can save a lot of money buying what you need in terms of refreshments beforehand.

Refreshments bought in the cinema are notoriously expensive and once you’re there, you’re like a captive audience without much choice to go elsewhere without missing the start of your film. However, with just a tiny bit of planning, you could buy your refreshments from a nearby shop (last time I went to my local cinema I bought everything I needed from the local petrol station which is just opposite the cinema) at a fraction of the cost.

I’d argue you’re paying to see the film not to buy their refreshments but some cinemas may have strict policies on whether you can take in your own refreshments or not. Luckily for us our local cinema don’t seem to mind too much – up to you whether you want to sneak in a few snacks and claim innocence if you are challenged or perhaps just check.

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Wealth Tip #22: Cinema Tip #2 (Refreshments) — 2 Comments

  1. Cineworld have a strict policy now and take any carrier bags off you. Not sure how legal that is. You can collect it after you’ve been to the movies. I load the kids up with little bags of pop corn and drinks in their pockets.

    They simply don’t make any money on the cinema tickets these days and rely on the sales of drinks and snacks

    • Thanks Robin – that’s why we say to check – though we did go to a Cineworld recently and managed to take in a bag full of refreshments we’d deliberately bought elsewhere – nobody asked to see what was in the bag.

      Obviously it’s a risk though. I was ready to have the argument if needed because the prices those places charge for popcorn etc are getting ridiculous.

      Plus it’s a nice feeling knowing you’ve not been ripped off. Still bought my cup of tea from there 😉 The cinema we go to also have very few staff all of whom seem very young – probably helps.
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