Convince in a way that makes sense

Convince In A Way That Makes Sense

You have to convince others in a way that makes sense.

This means that what you show them, what you tell them, and how you act, should all match up. You won’t convince anyone if you say something but your actions speak otherwise. No one will believe you if you say you’re a professional athlete but your body looks unhealthy. People do not just listen to your words, they also look at you (or your visual aids if you have any) and your actions.

People will respond to what they see 55% of the time. Visual code is of primary importance. Your personal appearance, your visual aids, and any other thing you show them will take up more than half of their attention. Use visual words also.

Meanwhile, what they hear (or what you say) takes up 30% of their attention, and your actions take up 15%. What others see, hear, and how you act should align and not contradict each other. In other words, don’t say “I’m committed to doing my job” and then show up late in the office the next day. Don’t say, “I’m happy for them” when your facial expression looks bitter and envious. It doesn’t make sense and therefore, not convincing.

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