Wealth Tip #43: Cut Down on The Costas and Starbucks (or any other over-priced branded tea/coffee)

Cut Down on Costas and Starbucks (or any other overpriced Tea/Coffee)

Where I used to work in the city there is a bit of a coffee culture.

People regularly go for coffees and basically associate ‘having a coffee’ with ‘having a chat’. That is why there are so many Starbucks, Costas, Neros… (you name it, the list goes on) all over the city.

The price of a hot drink in these places can be up to £3.00 (that’s nearly $5 at the time of writing) and you won’t get anything for less than £1, not even a small cup of tea.

It All Adds Up

This may not seem like much, but when you’re buying a few each time and doing this a number of times each day, you’d be surprised how much is actually spent on tea or coffee in these places in a week.

Get Out of The Habit

Not only that – I actually prefer a good cup of home made tea. The habit of drinking these overpriced cups of tea or coffee became so ingrained with me (and I guess with a lot of people) that I was buying a cup just before going home, when out at the shops and often when I wasn’t particularly bothered about having one – it was more the habit than an actual need for a cup of tea if you see what I mean.

Nowadays I always ask myself the question ‘Should I just wait until I get home?’ or ‘Do I really want a cup of tea?’ The answer to the first question is very often ‘Yes’ and the answer to the second very often ‘No’. And when I make my cup of tea at home, I really enjoy it!

Don’t Feed The Machine…

As an aside – I never buy tea or coffee from Starbucks on principle just because their tea tastes awful and I don’t like the way that that particular chain seems to be taking over the world and putting nice little independent cafe’s and tea shops out of business (more so than the other leading brands in my opinion but the rest are nearly as bad. Give me an Olde Englishe Traditional Tea Shop any day of the week).

Extra Tip: It’s often nice to have a cup of coffee or tea after a meal when eating out. Ask the same question ‘Do I really need a cup of coffee/tea?” If the answers is ‘Yes’, by all means have one, but if you’re like me, especially if you’ve eaten well and are feeling a little full, the answer will often be ‘No’ (I’ll make one when I get home instead and enjoy it more).

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Wealth Tip #43: Cut Down on The Costas and Starbucks (or any other over-priced branded tea/coffee) — 4 Comments

    • Well – yes, I do agree – but we do have other tips you know Stuart 😉

      I didn’t think of tai-chi as a money saving tip but ultimately (of course) you’re absolutely right – if you practice something like tai-chi (or yoga, or mindfulness) then you are going to be healthier which will also save you money.

      thanks for stopping by Stuart – hope all is well with you,
      take care & best wishes,

    • Stuart,

      I tried to grow my own garden and apparently I have a black thumb. LOL. I can grow cactus, doesn’t that make tequila, lol. But seriously, having your own garden can in the long run save money but even if it didn’t the advantages to having organically grown food is so much better. Not to mention the vegies taste is superior to what we can get in the stores.

      And I am starting to do yoga. I am loving it!

      Allie recently posted..Blogging Success: Failure Is SuccessMy Profile

  1. Alan,

    I am not the type to get “fancy” coffees that often. But I do meet with friends here and there to socialize and that is when I get them.

    I have started to just drink hot or cold water with lemon, orange or cucumber (cold of course) after dinner or when I have had just a little too much caffeine. This is even cheaper than the tea, especially if you have a lemon tree in your backyard like we are able to do easily hear in CA.

    But I also have replaced hot coco at night with green tea. I get that hot drink yet not the feeling of filling up of calories.

    These are great tips. I’m sure people in the cities have a harder time than me breaking the Starbucks habit but it can be done when you see you have more change in your purse or wallet.

    Allie recently posted..Blogging Success: Failure Is SuccessMy Profile

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