Why an e-Course?

We love the e-course format.


Well, because it allows us to pack plenty of value into our training – more so than we could do with any other medium.

Important – We Stick Around

It’s quite important to point out, this doesn’t mean we take a hands-off approach, that once you’ve paid for the course, you get the digital product and that’s the last you see of us.

In fact, our experience with delivering training tends to show quite the contrary.

An e-course puts the control in your hands and lets you fit the work you need to do around your busy schedule (big advantage) – as well as providing a platform for us to pack a lot in there as already mentioned.

However, you still need to fit the work in around your busy schedule.

Some people struggle with that if left to their own devices.

For that reason, we stick around.

Even if you take the most basic version then we’re available via e-mail to answer your questions and support you.

If you book the more advanced versions we will also be available for Q&A calls and on premium versions of our courses, we will be there all the way through the course to walk you through module by module and provide any further consulting or guidance 1-2-1 via Skype.