Automation (Efficiency Hack #12)

Efficiency Hack #9: Automation

Why are you wasting your time if you can find a system, tool or robot to do it for you – and perhaps do it even better?

Automation is obviously a huge topic.

… and the whole point of these efficiency hacks are that they’re supposed to be quick and effective – quick for you AND quick for me to tell you about.

So let’s stick to that principle and I’ll tell you more about Automation (pros & cons, theory, creating repeatable systems, how to automate, tools & techniques, resources etc etc etc) later.

For now, the hack is just the concept of automation – find a tool (e.g. on the internet) that does something you’re currently doing manually in an automated fashion – think internet tools there are really lots and lots out there.

To give you an example of one I’ve just discovered about 20 mins ago, which not only automates a process I often follow (which is to save a mail in my drafts folder and send it later) but also offers me capability that I could never do manually (i.e. performing the ‘send later’ task whilst I’m not even there).

I, like a lot of people, use Gmail.

If you’re a gmail user, check out this 3 min video which tells you everything you need to know:

I have only been looking at this particular tool for about 10 mins, so I don’t know if I can highly recommend it yet, but I have to say it looks pretty cool.

The free version only allows you to ‘Boomerang’ (schedule) emails 10 times per month beyond which you have to pay $4.99 per month for unlimited use.

so this is just an example, there are lots out there, what’s yours?

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