Journeys: Every Journey Starts With A Small Step…

Don’t let the challenge of your goal scare you.

Whatever your goal, whatever you’re set to achieve, the most important thing to do is to start taking the first step in the right direction.

Most importantly, don’t delay. Take the first step NOW.

But how do you start moving toward this goal you’ve just set yourself?

Break Your Goal Into Smaller ‘Journey’ Goals

The answer is to break it down and set a 1st journey goal that will bring you closer to your final goal.

Something you could achieve THIS week!

Make it small and manageable but also something that’s going to make you leap the furthest. For instance, your final goal might be to have, in a year’s time, changed job for something more satisfying and better paid. Your 1st journey goal could be to get your CV up to date and in a state you’re happy with. That might sound like an easy thing to do but, if you’ve been stuck in a job you disliked for years, this first step will be a small mountain to climb but one that will definitely take you forward.

How To Get Some Momentum Going Toward Your 1st Journey Goal

Once you have set this 1st journey goal, ask yourself the question: What have you done so far to reach this goal?

List all the actions you’ve taken. Write them all down. You probably have tried many things.

However, it obviously hasn’t worked. So which obstacles did you meet? List them all also.

Now is a good time to list resources you have that can help you reach your 1st journey goal. These resources might be internal (courage, confidence, commitment, determination, …). They might also be external (finance, people, knowledge, …).

Bearing this in mind, what action could you take this week to achieve your 1st journey goal?

In our example, it might be that you know somebody who could send you an example of a good CV and review yours.

Take Action And Be Ruthless With Yourself

In order for this process to work, you have to be ruthless with yourself. Set yourself precise actions and deadlines and stick to them!

Once you’re on your way, continue setting yourself journey goals, strive to achieve them on time.

If your motivation wanes, go back to your life wheel, to your written final goal, to your motivation. Think how much better life will be for you and others around you once you’ve achieved your end goal.

Don’t give up. It will all be worth it.

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