This One’s On Me: Grab a Free 1-2-1 Consultation!

How to get your free 1-1 consulting session

Yes, I’m giving away a 1-2-1 consultation for free.

I’m not going to tell you the cost of my time or how much you’re saving etc etc etc. If you know me well, you’ll probably know that anyway. Trust me, it’s a very good deal.

What Kind of Consultation Is It?

You get an hour of me helping you as much as I can with whatever questions you have. As you probably know, one thing I do is coaching, however, this is not a coaching call. This is because you can’t do much with a coaching relationship in just 1 hour. Those free coaching calls are usually intended as a taster which persuades you that you cannot do without the main course.

You see, true coaching is not about giving advice but about helping you to find the answers yourself. It’s really powerful for all kinds of reasons, but it takes longer than a 1 hour call.

So that’s not what this is.

What is it then? It’s a call where I do quite deliberately want to offer you the benefit of my experience and any help and advice I can; where I will offer you my thoughts and try and help you find answers to your questions through open discussion. Quite simply, it’s a no-strings, 1 hour relationship call where I am specifically NOT coaching you but I am happy to give you as much as I can with the limited time we have – and I’m not trying to sell you anything.

After the call I will send you a recording of our conversation in MP3 format which is yours to keep.

What I Want In Return

There are two simple things I’d like in return, neither of which is money or even follow-up business. The first is permission to use a 5-10 minute clip from the call for possible future marketing. The second is a brief testimonial if you were happy with the call and felt you got a lot of value from it.

Ideas for What We Could Cover

Generally my expertise is in the following areas:

  • Business, Business Coaching, Management Consultancy
  • Lifestyle Design, Life Coaching, Simplifying Your Life
  • Wealth, Investing, Property Investing, Financial Freedom
  • Coaching, Leadership, Mentoring, Team Building

That being said, if there’s anything else you think I could help you with, then by all means ask. To give you more specific ideas, here’s what I did for my 5 most recent clients (2 of whom are still current):

  • Helping someone deal with some very difficult perception issues in their organization (i.e. improving their broken relationship with their boss)
  • Helping someone plan how to reach ‘Director’ level in his organization within 5 years, starting specifically with better networking, then tackling public speaking (as the first 2 ‘journey goals’ we covered)
  • Helping someone be less disorganized via a series of time management tools and techniques
  • Advising someone on their investment strategy & how they could get a better return
  • Putting in place a PMO (Project Management Office) in an organization with very immature project management processes from scratch

How to Get Your Free Call

Really simple:

  1. SIGN UP – Sign up using our form below (you have to be a subscriber to qualify for the offer but signing up is free, it only takes a minute and you’ll get a great free e-book into the bargain!)
  2. CONFIRM SIGN-UP – Click on the confirmation link sent to you via email to confirm your subscription.
  3. SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS – The day after sign-up you will get a welcome mail with your free e-book. Just reply to that email with whatever you’d like help with (this can be one question or several, but no more than 10 questions please!). I can’t promise we’ll get through all of them (and it obviously depends very much on the scope of your questions) but that way you get to tell me if you’d like to focus our discussion on one topic or you’d like more of a Q&A session.

I will then pick one of the e-mail responses for the call.

Note: Doors close on this offer on Thursday 26th April 2012


This One’s On Me: Grab a Free 1-2-1 Consultation! — 22 Comments

        • OK Bethany, in that case, please don’t worry about the date above – this was an exclusive offer for Ana’s readers and she should have said to ignore the date in the post (which I only left there because otherwise if anyone else stumbles across that post, they’ll think it’s open to everyone).

          Ana would have also said to mention her in the email so I know where you came from, but you’ve done that now so no worries.

          Just follow the 3 steps outlined in the article above under the heading ‘How to Get Your Free Call‘, then let me know in the mail what I might be able to help you with,

          that’s it!


          • OK, thanks, Alan. Ana probably did say something like that, but I just got back from vacation and my e-mail box was overflowing. I may have just skimmed over the details.

  1. Hello Alan,

    I met you through Ana Hoffman. She mentioned you have some excellent resources for internet marketers. I understand you have a coaching and consulting business. I am interested in consulting with you.

    • Hey Danielle,

      Awesome! I’m assuming you’re referring to the offer of a free consultation (otherwise go here) – in which case, just follow the 3 steps outlined in the article above under the heading ‘How to Get Your Free Call‘.

      Please note: just in case it’s not clear, you need to be a subscriber to qualify for this offer and unfortunately I’m only going to be able to have a call with one person. I just don’t have the time to have a call with everyone who replies.

      Having said that, it’s well worth applying anyway, the last time I ran this offer, I still replied to every single email I got and offered as much help and advice as I could to as many people as I could… and of course, you could be the one who gets the call.

      take care & best wishes,

  2. Hi Alan,
    I found your blog through the comment you wrote on my blog. Thank you very much for this comment. I feel lucky to read this article because you give me the opportunity to communicate with a coach. I have never had that experience before and to tell you the truth it is quite quite clear in my mind. For instance, i am wondering what kind of questions I could ask you…
    i have a first question about the process if you can help me out: I am not a subscriber yet. Can I participate to that?

    Thank you very much for this opportunity.

    • Hi Lenia,

      thanks for your comment. To become a subscriber is easy, just sign up using the form below – i.e. scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your name and email where it says ‘Subscribe to our mailing list to get free updates’.

      You will then be sent an email to confirm your subscription.

      The next day you will then receive a welcome email with your free ebook. That mail will have the heading ‘Welcome to Life’s Too Good & What to Expect’. You can then just hit reply from this email and send me whatever questions you have.

      I hope that answers your question, let me know if not…

      thanks & best wishes,

      • Hey Alan,
        Ok I see. So being a subscriber is just ok to participate to the consultation. Thanks for the answer.
        See you 😉

        • Hey Lenia,

          I’m not sure I completely got what you mean by ‘ok to participate’ so just to clarify – you need to be a subscriber to qualify for this offer, but unfortunately I’m only going to be able to have a call with one person. I just don’t have the time to have a call with everyone who replies.

          Having said that if you send your questions anyway, then first of all I’m definitely going to read them and also you then have a chance of getting the call.

          What I also intend to do is to answer every single question somehow anyway one way or another, even those I can’t give a call to,

          I hope that helps,

          • Hi Alan,
            Thank you it is absolutely clear to me.

            I just wanted to tell you that I got your ebook and I had a look. Its content is really really good. Thank you 🙂

            Have a great day

  3. This sounds like a great opportunity for someone to get a free hour of consultation. That’s cool that you get a recording of it afterwards too. I hope you get a lot of takers on this.

  4. That’s great of you Alan.

    I worked with a spiritual life coach several years ago and she offered a free hours consultation. Some people she just can’t help because they aren’t in that state to really help themselves. Which is why she has the call, to find out what your needs are and if she can help.

    I did end up hiring her and worked with her for about two months. It’s a wonderful experience so I have no doubt you’ll be able to do the same for someone else.

    So here is to your success and being able to help a lot of people.

    Best to you,


    • Thanks Adrienne,

      yep that’s what those calls are usually for and I’ve done that too when coaching though my clients have usually been strong referrals or people I know fairly well already… meaning that initial call is not necessary.

      That’s not what this is though – this is purely and simply a ‘help you as much as I can’ call – deliberately not coaching or qualifying (I will have done some of that anyway via the responses I get), it’s just a genuine no-strings, no selling at the end of it call 😉

      thanks for the kind comment!


  5. Woo hoo! I was going to request this anyway and now you have suggested it yourself! Awesome ….. email on it’s way since I’m already on the list……

    – Razwana

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