Get On Well (Or Better) With Your Neighbors (Wealth Tip #38)

Now, this may seem like a strange title for a wealth tip.

Bear with me, because it is a great money saving tip and no, I didn’t put this in the wrong section.

We recently moved out of London and to the countryside and what we have noticed is that our new neighbours in the village we now live in have so much more time for each other than our London neighbours did.  All well and good you may say, but what’s that got to do with saving money?

Well the most important thing is of course that we LIKE getting on well with our neighbours.  There are certain things you can’t put a price on and feeling good is one of them.

But we have also gained so much more just from having such wonderful new neighbours which though we weren’t looking for it in that way has also effectively meant saving money.

We had all of the following happen in the last few weeks:

  • Various neighbours bringing us round vegetables from their gardens (saving us money on buying vegetables)
  • Our immediate neighbour brought us round a big bowl of eggs (saving us money on eggs)
  • Two of our neighbours brought us large quantities of wood for our fire (check out how much logs cost to buy)
  • Many of our neighbours and fellow school parents have looked after our kids & we have also looked after theirs (meaning we can pretty much go out when we like even to places we can’t take the children without having to pay for babysitters)
  • We often car share or go to places together with our new friends where we would have previously gone alone (saving money on car expenses)
  • We have a new dog and some of our neighbours who also have dogs have offered to dog-sit (saving money on paid dog-sitters)
  • One of our neighbours is a mechanic and helped me fix a problem with my car which though it was easy to fix, would have cost me a lot of money at a garage
  • Another neighbour, a gardener, helped repair a dry stone wall which collapsed in our back garden – again this could have been quite costly if we had to pay someone to fix it and we never could have ourselves
  • Our friendly neighbours are constantly offering us priceless advice and this list could go on and on (even though we’ve only been here a few months)

In our new little village neighbours in general do have a lot more time for one another. However it doesn’t matter where you live or how much or little time you have, you can always get along better with your neighbours and you never know what they know or will be able to help you with.

Obviously getting along with your neighbours is not about saving money, it’s about … well, getting along with your neighbours … which is important in itself for a better life – but when you do get along really well with your neighbours you are very likely to save some money as well somewhere along the way.

So go ahead – take them around a cup of sugar right now !!

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