Wealth Tip #10: Give Your Old T-Shirts A Second Life in Your Own Home…

We all have old t-shirts in our cupboards. Especially my kids!

If they’re in good condition, I pass them to friends with younger kids or give them to Charity Shops. Generally, they’ve been worn so much I just throw them out.

Well…I’ve recently discovered a few uses for them…

  1. You can cut them up and make dust cloth out of them. The fabric is actually perfect to dust.
  2. Turn them into beautiful writing book covers!

My kids now have beautiful diaries. My old PJs ended up being on the cover of my recipe book.

Here’s how to jazz up your old t-shirts and books:

You’ll find the sleeve is in the way to make a nice cover all the way (front and back). To overcome this problem:

  • cut the front image and glue it onto your front book cover and make sure you cover the spine up to 2 cm.
  • for the back cover, cut from the bottom of the t-shirt at the back using the bottom of the t-shirt to cover the cut part of the glued front cover.
  • tuck-in and glue the t-shirt inside and make the inside of the cover nice by gluing some paper on.

Give your old t-shirts a second life in your own home...

I use normal glue sticks and it works a treat.

Take a look…

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