Wealth Tip #12: Go to Free Seminars

Go to free seminars

There are lots of free seminars around these days.

And – just because they’re free, doesn’t mean they are not valuable.  Many companies use the carrot and stick approach – giving you a little bit for free so that you are tempted to buy more. Obviously with this approach, the little bit they give for free has to be good, otherwise you wouldn’t buy more, would you?

If you attend one of these events, then you are in the top part of that company’s ‘Sales Funnel’ – they get large numbers of people into the event, hoping to ‘convert’ a certain number of people who attend which 1) will get them more business than if they didn’t put on the free event and 2) more than covers the cost of the event.

So here’s what you do.  You go along to a free event that interests you, knowing what I’ve just told you above.  Promise yourself that you won’t buy anything on the day (unless you already intend to before going or are happy to be persuaded – if not, it is important that you must PROMISE yourself that you won’t buy anything on the day).  You will be made what looks like some amazing offers (watch out for ‘number slashing’ at the end of the event), but resist these because it’s all marketing to make you think you have to act immediately.  Worst case if you think that you’ve missed the bargain of a lifetime then you can always attend the same event again a month or two later (yes you can!) and they’ll be offering the same deal, or something similar.  Better to do this than to have bought something that you couldn’t afford or regret paying for later.  Don’t worry, knowing this information I’m giving you now will make you bulletproof to their techniques (unless you know you are very easily ‘sold’, in which case, don’t go).

Go along to a few of these events (assuming that they are in areas that do actually interest you) and you will learn a lot, for FREE.  Make sure you do some networking too – speak to other people attending the event and you may make some very useful contacts (which will automatically be in your area of interest because they are there to learn about the same thing that you came for) – contacts which you wouldn’t otherwise have met.  You then have the key words and information you need to learn even more, in the right areas from books, other people and the internet (and you’d be amazed how much you can learn from there these days).

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