Cut Your Own Hair

OK, it sounds a lot worse than it is.

It started for me when I decided to take the radical step and have shaved hair, having always had long hair (well, not long actually, just normal length. Not long, like rocker long, just not particularly short, except that time when flat-tops were in fashion). 

I digress. Back to the point…

Because I wanted it all taken off, I got my wife to do it with a pair of clippers. It looked much better than I thought it would, was quite liberating, looked better than I thought with a suit (I was a little worried about looking like a thug or a bouncer) and was all in all a success.

With this one success under my belt, the next time, we had a go at cutting each other’s hair.  My worst case scenario was that if my wife made a mess of my hair we could always shave it all off again like last time – now that I knew it didn’t look too bad. Anyways, we didn’t need to go to that extreme – she did a pretty good job, as did I on hers.

A few bad haircuts from hairdressers and one in particular for my 9 year old son (for which I paid £20) and we were soon also cutting our childrens hair – just a little trim now and then with the worst case scenario in this case being we take them to a hairdresser if they don’t like it (no, I wasn’t going to shave all of my sons hair off, lol). The kids now prefer my wife cutting their hair than going to a hairdresser and because it’s us, we know exactly how they like it etc etc.

So we now won’t have it any other way – it may seem a bit crazy at first but you’d be surprised – it’s a lot easier than you think and like anything, the more you do it the better you get.

I’ve just had my latest haircut from my wife and I’m very happy with it.

Another small point on this – when a hairdresser shows you your haircut you get the chance to say if you don’t like it for about a couple of minutes (if you dare) – with your own family, you can always have a bit adjusted the next day if you want (not that I’ve ever needed to) – and you can get your hair cut whenever and as often as you like!!

Extra tip: We cut our hair in the back garden (much easier tidying the hair clippings)


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