Wealth Tip #19: 6 Tips To Improve The Way You Drive and Save Petrol!

Wealth Tip #19: Improve The Way You Drive and ... You'll Save Petrol!

Petrol prices aren’t cheap these days.

You may not be able to afford the latest hybrid cars but there are little things you can do to decrease the amount of petrol you use when you drive.

Driving Tips To Save On Petrol (and Money)

It doesn’t make for the most exciting driving but it will save you money!

  • Don’t drive too fast – 65 to 80 km an hour is said to be the most economical speed
  • Don’t break and don’t accelerate too quickly – You can save up to 30% fuel by becoming a smooth driver.
  • Use the highest gear for your speed – You’ll save 25% by being in 5th gear at 60mph rather than in 3rd gear.
  • Don’t overload you car – The heavier you car is, the more petrol you’ll use.
  • Check your tyre pressure – Incorrect tyre pressure increase your fuel consumption.
  • Finally, think about your journeys and try to combine them – Your engine uses more fuel when it’s cold.

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