Influence Action

NLP Snippets: Influence Action

One of the most highly effective ways to influence behavior is to simply prompt others to do a certain action or activity.

Again, you use words that evoke the very actions that you want them to do or perform. A good example of this is to say, “Try it out”. Remember how store personnel let you try out the microwave, juicer, or furniture before they even ask you to purchase it? That’s a way of influencing action.

You can also say, “Test it before you decide”. This is extremely useful when you’re offering high ticket items, or when you’re trying to win someone over to a different way of thinking. What you’re actually saying is, “Take action first and let the results convince you.” Needless to say, this is very effective in convincing others or influencing behaviour.

If you have a business that sells tangible items, make sure to tell your potential clients, “Here, touch it”. Letting others touch the item you’re offering them increases the chances of purchase. The same hold true for cars. There’s no wonder that people in the showroom always say, “Why don’t you give this a test drive”, because they know that if you take that test drive, the sale is almost made. Use this same principle in your life and business. Remember, if you can influence the action, you can influence the behavior.

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