How to Influence with Visual Language (NLP)

Make things clear by appealing to visual senses

Ideally, you can influence the visual sense of other people by showing them certain things.

However, you can evoke the same response by communicating visual words to them. That’s the essence of NLP – using language to program the way we or others think.

For example, when you’re trying to explain something to someone, you can say, “Here’s what I’m trying to show you here” instead of “Here’s what I’m trying to explain to you.”

The word “show” is a visual word and it appeals to the sense of sight, so it helps condition the mind of the other person that what you’re communicating is a visible, tangible idea.

Another example is to say, “We will fulfil our shiny promise”. You can also say, “Let me give you a crystal clear idea of what we offer.” This can be used when you’re dealing with clients. Use other visual words such as clear, perspective, colourful, or get a closer look.

Use visual words in your daily life and conversations. Include them in your self-talk phrases. Incorporate them with autosuggestion. You’ll find that if you make the use of visual words a regular habit, you’ll influence people more and convince them towards your way of thinking.

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