Internet Marketing (Clickbank Style)

The email I responded to had the subject heading:

‘… Your online paycheck (it’s ready)’

but I have seen more aggressive titles.  Most are attention grabbing and lead to a video link as this one did.

The text of the email:

“Your online commission paycheck is ready.

You just need to watch a short video to see
how to collect it. But hurry before it expires.

Click here to watch the video now.

Note: I’ve removed the link above to protect the innocent (and the not-so-innocent).

Maybe I’m a little gullible (I don’t think so actually) but I have to admit I am a little tempted by these videos – this one started with a sales technique based on challenging the viewer:

“You don’t even deserve to be on this page..”
“You are just 10 clicks away from the ONLY software tool…”
“You have no clue as to the power of what you are about to be offered…”
“I’m betting that 90% of you will run from this like scared little girls…”
“This is NOT for you if you’re convinced it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make more while working less or not at all…”
“This is NOT for you if you are UNEASY about sneaking up on other 8 figure super affiliates and shamelessly pumping a hefty slice of their cash profits effortlessly into your own bank account…”

You get the message.  Next, who this once in a lifetime opportunity is for.

P.S. underneath the video link for this particular example is a ticking clock which says:

Download Link Expiring in… 1 Hour, 4 MInutes, 55 Seconds, 314 Milliseconds (obviously counting down)

The interesting news is if you reset the page or re-click the link to the page this clock just starts again!!! (clue it might be a bit of a con, maybe?)

So who is this amazing product for?  Do I still need to tell you?  well, it’s for:

“If you’re open to the idea of cutting ahead of the pack…

If you can see yourself exploiting technology to work less or barely at all… while laughing all the way to the bank… while everyone else in online remains a slave to the clock…and slave to their workload…

And you want to do it easily…”

… then it’s for you.

The next part of the video which tugs at your heart-strings and is a common tactic in these videos is the ‘I was just like you’ line.

“Here’s the ironic thing… Go back 3 years, I was just like you.  Hell, I was you”.
“Prepare to go behind the scenes to the most coveted underground and OVERPAID world of pompous super affiliates on the planet… banking up to 40 MILLION per month online.”
“Then picture how much money you could be banking…”

I’m actually going to leave this post here for now and I will revisit it when I have more time to investigate it further.

What I had intended to do was to give it a go and see if I made any money at it, then to share that with you.  It is so obviously a con though that I don’t want to give this guy my money.

What I would be prepared to do, if readers are interested in knowing more than just the conclusion ‘This is almost certainly a con’ – is, if I can be sponsored to check it out – I will and will share all of the results, genuinely, with our readers, on this site, in this article.

The product is £39, so if I can get 38 people to contribute £1 (and I will contribute £1 myself) then I will buy the product, use it and share my findings here.  If I do (without being unethical) then make money with the product, you will all see how easy it is (or isn’t) and can then safely invest in the product yourself and do the same (and you can also ask me for your £1 back!)  I am almost certain that it won’t be anywhere near as easy as the video claims though if 38 people are willing to pay £1 to find out it may be worth doing so…

Note: it is against our principles to ask for money on our site and we’re obviously not selling anything here (hopefully that is obvious) – and yes, I could easily afford to buy the product for the full price myself but that is also against my principles as I believe that it would most likely be a waste of £39.  However for £1 I would be interested to find out more about how easy it really is to make money internet marketing – I’m not trying to sell you on this though because to be honest I’m almost certain myself that it is just a big con, otherwise why would all of these so called internet millionaires be selling the clickbank product (when they could be making millions just using it)? Are we really supposed to believe this is just out of the good of their hearts?

Anyways, I’m very open to suggestions and comments on this…

If you would like to see me buy the product and investigate further and would be happy to sponsor £1, then let me know via our contact form.

Either way I will be returning to this article next week to explore this further whether for free or actually using one of these products.


This is an article I posted some time ago on our former site (we recently migrated the site from google sites to wordpress) and invited people to sponsor via our facebook fanpage and other mechanisms. We actually had 4 people come back to us and tell us that they’d be happy to pay £1 to find out more and have us go ahead with the project (so quite a way short of the 38 we needed to proceed, although better than none).

This could mean one of four things:

  1. We didn’t market the idea strongly enough to get enough interest (quite possible, though to be honest we also have plenty of other more worthwhile things to be getting on with so I’m not sure how much marketing this idea warranted anyway)
  2. Nobody believes me and they think this itself is just a dodgy scheme to make me money – that our millions of readers will give me a pound each and make me a millionaire (I wish) – come on! sorry to tell you but we don’t have a million readers…
  3. Nobody really cares about this stuff enough to want to know one way or another
  4. People already know that these schemes are a con and they don’t need to know more

though I’m always somehow curious about these things, I think it’s the latter, so we’ll leave it at that for now and I’ll move on to something else…

FINALLY: If you’re reading this and have views or even better have used any of these schemes and have real experience to share, please let us have your comments below…

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