Do You Really Need ALL the Latest Gadgets? (Wealth Tip #30)

Are you addicted to keeping up to date with the very latest gadgets?

Most gadgets these days do a number of different things, meaning you just might have several devices which perform the same functions, making some of them redundant.

Do You Really Need An Upgrade?

Do you have a mobile phone? Is it really small? Does it play music? Tell you the time? Take photos? Does the mobile phone you have, the one that you have already paid for, do everything you need in the way of communications? If so and yet you still fancy an upgrade, then that is a sign that you are becoming a fashion victim. Sad really.

The very latest technology comes at a high premium. If you are constantly upgrading your phone for example, then you are constantly paying a high price for a few new functions. By the same token, yesterday’s tech – which if you really look at it will still consist of some pretty impressive gadgets, is much, much cheaper.

The very latest technology comes at a high premium.

The average punter is not interested in yesterday’s mobile phone – even though it may be a really good device, because we all want the latest gadget. Some of us HAVE TO HAVE THEM. This is where the smart shopper can really make a sensible choice. If in a mobile phone, all you really need is a phone (perhaps because you already have another device for an organizer, a digital camera, an MP3 player), then keep it simple – just get a basic phone. These days you probably will still have lots of extra functions on them, even if you don’t need them. You will most likely find that a fairly basic phone is really inexpensive, is not a magnet to thieves, is perfect for use as a phone and has a really good battery life (because it’s not struggling to support all the latest features).

How Many Redundant Devices Do You Have?

Do you wear a watch? Do you need to – if you always carry a mobile phone which tells you the time? For that matter do you actually need a mobile phone? If you do, how, much do you use it? Do you need to pay a monthly subscription? Would a pay-as-you-go contract be better? Can you use the phone more sensibly by keeping your mobile phone calls shorter and saving the longer conversations to ties when the calls are free (perhaps when you have access to a landline)?

Do you own a laptop? Is it getting out-dated? If it’s a windows laptop is it getting slow? Do you need a new one? have you done all you can to find out why your laptop is running slower than it used to? Take some advice on this, there are a lot of simple things you can do to ‘clean-up’ your laptop (for free) which might just save you splashing out on a new one which you didn;t really need and which will have the same problems as your current laptop in a year or two. These days we use the internet much more than we used to so a lot of us really don’t need lots of processing power on our home computers – just a decent internet connection.

I could ask you similar questions for any number of devices – digital cameras are similar to mobile phones – we often want the latest one so we can take better quality pictures with more ‘Megapixels’ – first of all, it’s not Megapixels alone which determine the quality of the picture (though the way cameras are marketed at the moment it often looks that way) – secondly, how many megapixels do you really need in a picture? More megapixels means bigger file sizes and over a certain amount, you can barely see the difference anyway, unless you are planning on taking pictures to put on huge wall posters… I have a relatively simple camera that I really like (another ‘yesterdays model’ – it cost me very little and is a very robust little point & click device) – it can take pictures up to 10.something Megapixels but I always have it set to 5 anyway because that’s all the quality I need.

Conclusion – 2 Choices…

The world of technology is moving fast. You can do one of two things:

  1. try and keep up – which is expensive and means you will constantly be paying for upgrades
  2. stay just behind, buy yesterday’s models and you will still have some pretty impressive technology, probably everything you need and at really good prices – then you can upgrade at the same frequency if you really want to – as new models come out instead of buying today’s latest model, you will be buying yesterday’s latest model – but you will be saving a lot of money.

I know which one I prefer.


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