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Week 1: The #1 Secret to Great Networking

Below you’ll find all of the files relating to this week’s lesson. To download them, right-click and save the file. You can access content from previous weeks by clicking on the links on the right-hand side of the screen.

The core content of this week’s coaching session:

The content of this weeks presentation (which is about half an hour in total) is deliberately split in two to allow you to consume it all at once or in two parts – completely up to you.

Part 1 (Introduction & Underlying Principles):

Now, it’s the interval. 🙂

Sure you can skip the interval and go right on with the presentation below – but if you want to go and grab a cup of tea, or some ice-cream, now is the time… then click play below:

Part 2 (The #1 Secret, How To Do It & Wrap-Up):

Week 01: The #1 Secret to Great Networking MP3

Handouts and worksheets supporting this week’s session:

Week 01 Worksheet: Recent Interactions Exercise
Week 01 Worksheet: 3×3 Key People Exercise
Week 01 Worksheet: Limiting Beliefs Exercise

Supporting articles from our website

Limiting Beliefs: Are You Being Your Biggest Hurdle?

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Week 1: The #1 Secret to Great Networking

Week 2: Secret #2 + The Do’s and Don’ts of Networking

Week 3: Secret #3 + Networking Events (and what to do instead)

Week 4: Putting it All Together & Managing Your Network

Wrap-up & Feedback