Am I A Sell Out?

Lifestoogood Readers Questions: Am I A Sell Out?

“Am I a sell out or a fraud for not following my dream just yet?”

It wasn’t the first time I’d been asked this question.

I received this question among others from Razwana of Relentless Movement following our recent 1-2-1 Consultation Offer.

Note: Following that offer, I answered every single question I got, most of which due to their specific nature I answered directly and privately via email. I will only ever share names of people asking if you’re happy for me to do so.

As I’ve been asked this particular question in one way or another a couple of times in the past, I thought it would be useful to share a brief answer to this one. So, thanks Razwana first of all for the question and secondly for agreeing to share it, here it is:

If you’ve had a similar situation to this or this resonates with you in any way, please let me know in the comments below (or via email if you’re on our list).

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Am I A Sell Out? — 10 Comments

  1. Alan,

    I had a dream once to be a park ranger and never had the chance to pursue it. Life just happen. I think everyday what my life would have been like if I followed this dream. It would be so different. BUT I wouldn’t change anything I have now (ok, maybe more money, lol). I have great opportunities to live a great life just the way it is and I never regret, I just move forward. As long as you don’t regret and always move to better yourself, you never become a sell out. IMHO. 🙂


    • Well, for me it was an Architect.

      I still think that would be something I’d enjoy but it’s kind of exactly my point in the clip above. It’s OK to have a long term plan and deviate from it in the short term. It’s also OK for your plans to change. In fact, I think it’s quite healthy. What is unhealthy is sticking rigidly to a plan to an extent that it ends up hurting you (because it was the wrong plan, the wrong time or something changed) which is why some of the self-help & personal dev stuff out there at the moment makes me cringe (i.e. the really woo-woo stuff).

      Did you ever consider a blog in the park ranger niche? Or is that niche too crowded already? 😉


    • Dang Allie,
      i must be a sellout. I regret majoring in statistical economics. BLAH.. Although it lead me to a very successful career and i have many good friends from all the jobs i have had over the year. I often wonder how much more fulfilling my life would have been if i had pursued my first two choices which was cultural antropology and linguistics.

      But i don’t feel like a sellout. I just did what i thought i had to do to make money and then i thought i could follow my passions in my spare time rather than as a profession which i have done through travel.

  2. No you are not a sell out. My personal view is that everything is down to luck and the position of the stars when one is born. But that does not mean that one stops doing anything at all. One should try to do what they have to do. As you said, vision is important.

  3. Definitely don’t feel like a sell out any more! It’s funny how a bit of change that takes you off course slightly makes you question your beliefs.

    Thank you again, Alan.


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