Wealth Tip #15: Smarter Supermarket Shopping

Did you know there’s a ‘smart way’ to Supermarket shop?

On Christmas Eve last year, everything was a little last minute for us. I’d been to work, wasn’t really sure what we were doing and we’d organised to have a bit of a party at our house. We didn’t yet have a ‘bird’ for Christmas Day or nearly enough supplies to throw a decent party so I rushed off to the local supermarket to get something hoping they might still have some turkeys.

What I found was quite a surreal experience for me. 

I have never been in a supermarket in the last few opening hours of Christmas Eve. If I remember rightly it was about 4pm but I’m not too sure so don’t quote me on that.  The supermarket was really busy but the shelves were emptying fast. 

Normally I know the supermarket has a couple of small ‘special offer’ sections where you can pick up bargains – items that are about to reach their best before date – but on this day, there were bargains on most of the shelves.  A lot of items had yellow stickers on them with hugely reduced prices. I got a few fresh ready meals for 10p each for example. 

10p each!!

There was nothing wrong with them – they had another two days to go but because the store was going to be closed for along weekend they had to flog em.

This is an extreme example but since that day I’ve been much more tuned in to these kind of bargains and they’re all over the place. Whether it’s 2 for 1 deals, special offers (our local co-op have loads of these all the time, all year round) or items about to reach their sell by date (which isn’t an issue if you need something to eat for that day or the next anyway) – there are bargains all over the place and you can save a lot of money.

Make sure you do check the dates though as often items have already passed the date (I wouldn’t buy these) – also don’t buy more than you can eat in the time the items have left!!

Happy shopping!

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