The Plan

I already had plans for this site and a long long long long (very long) list of things I knew absolutely nothing about that I knew I’d have to get to know something about as soon as possible.

Some background / context

I’m confident we have the makings of a good site here, good expertise between myself and Isabelle (the main contributors to the site, myself taking care of most of the technical and business stuff and Isabelle taking care of most of the life and health stuff).

The point is that’s no good if no-one finds you. I need to learn quickly about things like SEO, keywords etc. I didn’t even know what a backlink was until very recently.

What I have discovered is there’s plenty of information available on the internet – so much in fact that it’s currently blowing my mind. I have a massive list of things that I need to research in order to find out how to progress this site and hopefully reach more people with it.

So what’s the Plan?

The plan is to go through this list of things (and more as I find out more) investigating each one and seeing if it’s right for us. We will do so along with the think traffic guys and the other participants in the MDBP project and others can follow our progress and findings here. As we explore each concept I intend to put a post about each think and at least some of our thoughts about it here. My theory is that a lot of techniques that are talked about we may not go for because whatever we do has to have integrity, be non-intrusive and fit with the philosophy of our site.

What I need to find out more about

Note: some of these I already have or have started but I include in this list for completeness sake so anyone who may benefit from our experience can do so here:

Update (28th October 2011): To show more what I’ve learned & changed when, I’m going to group these topics by month:

October 2011

November 2011

Yet to be explored:

  • Backlinks
  • Keywords
  • Facebook
  • Article Directories
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Forum
  • Opt-in / Subscriber List
  • Commenting on other Blogs
  • Trackbacks
  • Bookmark Demon
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Clickbank
  • The Backlinks Forum
  • Google Places
  • Blog Directories
  • Senuke
  • Classified Ads
  • Link Wheels
  • Guest Blogging
  • Squidoo
  • Adding Video Tutorials to Site
  • How to make the site more interactive
  • Adding products to the site
  • Hubpages
  • Zimbio
  • Blog Reviews
  • Coupons
  • Podcasts
  • Buying Websites
  • Outsourcing
  • List posts
  • Alliances
  • Link Exchange
  • Creating a members area
  • Article Spinning
  • Guest Blogging Directories as a Source of Guest Articles

I intend to post on each of these topics as I investigate them – not necessarily in the order they’re shown above. I will add to the list as new things to investigate come up and change each bullet point above to a link (to the post) once I have posted about it.

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