Turn Down Your Hot Water Temperature (Wealth Tip #35)

If you’ve got a boiler that lets you turn down the water temperature easily, then, do it!

If your hot water temperature is too high, it…

  1. could be dangerous for small children in your home who could scald themselves
  2. makes you use more cold water in order to obtain the right temperature
  3. makes your boiler work harder and use more gas in order to heat the water up to such high temperatures

If you have a combination boiler (the water is heated up as and when you need it), turn the temperature dial down until you can run a warm bath (at the right temperature for you) just by using hot water. You won’t need your water any warmer than that.

If you have a conventional system with a hot water cylinder, turn down your water to 60 degrees but not lower. Hot water stored in cylinders below 60 degrees could develop legionella bacteria.

Use the right temperature, it will only take you a minute to do and it will save you plenty of pennies !


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