Different Types of Values

NLP Snippets: DIfferent Types of Values

To influence others you also need to understand that there are different types of values.

There are two primary types of values that we are going to deal with here: “Means” and “End” values. You have probably heard of the saying, “The end justifies the means”. Well, how you interpret that saying is highly determined by your two types of values.

Means values are the ideals and philosophies we hold when we try to reach something. For example, if you’re trying to earn a million pounds, how will you be able to achieve that goal? What methods will you use? Will you try the honest way or the deceptive way? Different people will have different answers to those questions.

End values are the “moral” reason behind our goals and aspirations. If you’re trying to attain peace of mind, that’s an end value. If you want comfort and security for you and your family, that’s another end value.

To have a keener understanding of people, know their means and end values. These values will vary from person to person. After discovering their hidden values, show them what needs to be done in order to reach their ultimate goals while having the right intentions at the same time.


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  1. Each person will probably answer that question differently. And that answer will probably reflect that person’s personality and how they see the world. So figuring out how someone would answer the question will reveal insights into that person.

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