How It Works: 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Make Sure It’s The Right Choice For You

We want you to book a place on one of our e-courses IF it is the right choice for you.
  • Check out The Course Description: Have a look at the courses we offer and click on the name of the course for a more detailed overview of that course.
  • Drop us a note If you have any questions: Don’t worry, we won’t try and ‘sell’ you on the e-course, if it’s for you, great, if not, then we’ll still help you if we can but by suggesting alternatives. We’re in the business of helping people here.
  • Book your place on the course you want: Click ‘Buy Now’ and you’ll be taken to Paypal, once you’ve paid you’ll be given sign-up details and the day after sign-up you’ll have access to the first module (usually ‘Orientation’.

Step 2: Taking the e-Course

An e-course with a difference – we invite you to interact with us.
  • You’ll be guided through a structured e-course with modules delivered to you according to a given schedule (which varies according to the course)
  • You can access the course at all times via a private members area of our website using your login and will be automatically taken to the latest module
  • At the very start of the course you’ll be provided your instructors details and contact email address so that they can help you directly with any questions you may have during the course
  • The e-courses contain a mixture of ‘talking head’ video, presentations, sketches and demonstrations/screencasts depending upon what is the most appropriate for that course.
  • Lessons are provided in both video and audio (MP3) format in most cases (except where it doesn’t make sense e.g. in a software demo which has to be video only).
  • Exercises are provided as documents which you can download and print out – these documents contain valuable guidance to help you complete the exercise.
  • Every e-course also has links to relevant articles from our website which support the material of the course as well.

Step 3: Finishing The Course

We continually improve our courses
  • Once you have completed the course you will be asked for feedback via a very brief, structured survey.
  • This survey speeds up the feedback process and also offers the option of open-ended/freeform feedback.
  • Your feedback is welcomed and valuable to us – it helps us to fine-tune our courses and ensure we are meeting the needs of our clients as far as we can.
  • You will also have the opportunity to earn a referral fee/commission should you recommend the course to anyone else and they go on to complete it.
  • We understand that not everybody will be able to finish the course according to the schedule laid out – we’d rather you complete the course to the schedule suggested but just in case, we provide on-going access to the course for a further 3 months following delivery of the final module