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In trying to research how to use keywords effectively (I’m still way off with this and not really sure though I at least now know I need to explore further googles keyword tool and maybe other keyword tools) it occurred to me that very often when I do a search on anything myself, very often various pages from yahoo answers appear on the first page.

Whilst my site can’t rank highly for some of the keyword combinations I’d like it to (because they are very popular search terms like ‘life coaching’, ‘health advice’, ‘money saving tips’… or questions about any of these topics), I can perhaps meet people where they are ending up – i.e. Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers gets massive traffic.

So I registered and intend to become an active member on Yahoo Answers (so far I’ve answered only three questions but for two of them my answer was voted top answer, yippee!!), mainly to build some credibility in our particular areas of expertise.

It seems like an effective method which I like because it’s very genuine, allows me to use my expertise, get backlinks (assuming any links I post in Yahoo Answers do actually count as backlinks) and is an avenue to promote my posts directly and have people visit our site.

The latter point is quite key for me and I think is where this technique suits our site. The nature of our site is that we have a lot of high quality articles which are very relevant answers to a lot of questions people have on sites like Yahoo Answers. For example, one of the questions I answered was someone asking why their diet wasn’t working the way it had been previously (you can see the question here) and I suggested they read this article on our site for more information and inspiration.

So I’m happy with Yahoo Answers and intend to build my profile on there.  Yahoo Answers of course isn’t the only ‘Answers’ Site out there but it’s the one I’ll be focusing on at the moment preferring to invest whatever limited time I have for this technique in one place to build credibility there.  Other answers sites I’ve found and might look into later which you might want to consider:

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