Wealth Tip #11: Consider Getting Your Pet From A Rescue Centre

You want a dog or a cat? Consider getting your pet from a Rescue Centre

‘Rescue’ is a word that evokes problems…And yes, centres do receive dogs and cats who have been neglected or abandoned. However, they also receive dogs and cats who just do not fit any more into their owners’ lifestyle (divorce, new child, death, nursing home, …).

With a rescue pet, you’re not starting from scratch (no potty training!), you know the dog’s personality, vaccinations and spaying have been taken care of, it’s a wonderful way to save a pet and…it’s much cheaper than getting a breeder dog!!!

Word of caution: Please please please make sure you do your homework.  Like all things there are good, bad and ugly dog rescue centres – though it’s a good cause, they can still be run badly and not do their jobs properly like anything in life.  So check and double check the dog, the rescue and your own suitability for what you’re taking on.  Ask lots of questions – a good rescue centre will appreciate this and they will insist on checking you out thoroughly too to make sure the dog is going to a suitable new home.

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