Do you like a good bargain?

These days the shops seem to be teeming with bargains.

Happy days, right?

Well, I have to admit I do love a bargain myself just as much as the next man.

Scratch that.

I probably like a bargain more than the next man.

I really do love getting a bargain.

But not just any old bargains.

One thing I have to remember – and I would urge you to remember too, is that if it’s something you really weren’t looking for, don’t really need or want (even if it looks nice and sparks a bit of ‘want’ when wrapped up in it’s bargain price, it catches your eye) – then it’s not a bargain at all.

Let me say (write) that again. If it’s something that you don’t need or want then it’s not a bargain at all.

Then it would just be something extra (or some things extra) that you added to your shopping that you never intended to buy, that looked like a bargain, that may have even felt like a bargain but was actually just you adding the price of that item/those items to your shopping. So you’re out shopping and notice an item which has a special offer, discounted, or two for the price of one or something similar. If this is an item which you would normally buy and use, go ahead and buy as many as you sensibly can (assuming there is not a best-before date issue) – go ahead and stock up.

If it’s something you don’t really want or need then it’s not a bargain at all.

OK, so you got 4 for the price of 1.

4 for the price of 1!!!

Amazing – but did you really need 4 new toothbrushes?

No. You didn’t.

You already have 4 toothbrushes.

So 4 more you just didn’t need.

You’re never actually going to use them.

Now, if it were toothpaste – OK perhaps. More of a consumable there – assuming it’s a brand you would usually buy & doesn’t have a dodgy sell by date on it, go for it – buy the 4 tubes.

But don’t just buy anything just because it looks like a bargain. Something you don’t need at a fabulous price is still something you don’t need – and something you don’t need should always cost nothing because you don’t buy it!

Beware The 3 for 2 Deal

It may seem like a good deal at the time – you may even ask yourself if you really need 3 of these…

Ask yourself if you really need 3 and how much money you would really be saving.

If you don’t really need 3 then it’s not a bargain!

In the case of food items be sure also to test the shelf life of the item – 3 for 2 on fresh goods could be a particularly bad idea if there’s a chance you don’t eat the extra anyway (or over-eat just to use everything you bought).

Please also bear in mind that the price of the extra item could actually already be factored into the deal – were these items the same price the last time you looked?

Even if it is a genuine 3 for 2 deal money-wise, do you really need 3?

Of course, if after checking these are goods that are useful to you, that won’t go off, that do provide you with a genuine discount, then go for it – in that case you have saved yourself some money!!

Remember: Check the date on the item & make sure it’s something you know will be used.

It’s very easy to let shops Jedi mind trick you into buying lots of stuff you don’t actually want or need just because they’re ‘bargains’, but if you just take your time and think about it – check the date, check it’s something you’ll actually use (all of them if x for the price of 1) then if all these checks check out, go for it!

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