Control Information Flow

Lifestoogood NLP Snippet: Control Information Flow

When we communicate information to others, it is easy to get lost with all the details and facts.

One of the reasons why people do not retain or even remember the information that we give to them is that we overwhelm them. As a result, the chances of persuading others or motivating them to action lessens because we confuse them instead of influence them.

When you communicate, you should control the flow of information. What does this mean? First, you have to show others the big picture before “submerging” them with supporting details. If you’re a manager, it’s tempting to overwhelm your people with directives and instructions, and sometimes they become “paralyzed” and cannot move because of that. “Do this, and do that” become very common directives. But if you want to control information, you can say this instead: “We’re trying to double the quota this month, and this is what I’d like you to do to help…”

Why is that effective? Because you’re showing your subordinates the big picture! You’re giving them a “reason why” they do things. That is, in essence, controlling the flow of information. Skilled teachers are good at controlling information too. They show students the big picture before giving them the facts (they discuss the course objectives and course overview very thoroughly and effectively).

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