Reclaim Your Down-Time (Efficiency Hack #2)

Efficiency Hack #1: Re-claim Your Down-Time

This has been HUGE for me.

Huge huge huge. Do you drive a car? Walk a dog? Commute to work?

What are you doing during this time?

These activities are what I’m talking about when I say downtime. If you drive the car and don’t care too much about listening to the radio or the same old CDs, why not listen to an audio book or podcast that teaches you something instead? Use that time to learn a new language, learn more about a certain subject or catch up on something.

If you’re sitting on a train, are you just sitting there? Re-claim that time and read something that will educate yourself, or at least read something (or listen to something).

Being relatively new to the internet world and also fascinated by how much there is to learn and how vast it all is, this has been huge for me. I now listen to really interesting podcasts when I’m out walking the dog, driving the car and doing work around the house – so I consume a massive amount of information via this medium – i.e. I’m reclaiming my downtime.

Note: I also recently deliberately didn’t for a short while and I’ll explain to you why in another short article next week – the point is about having the flexibility and knowing you can put this downtime to use if you want to.

That’s it! Give it a go and let me know how you get on…

Image Credit: Dianne Obviar

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Reclaim Your Down-Time (Efficiency Hack #2) — 6 Comments

  1. Opportunities are just coming along the way, But however it takes time. I just have to admit that as of now. We are suffering and having a frustrated outlook in life. But, I was forwarded to think that We can do something that can rarely contribute into our nation.

    • Hey Mika,

      thanks – me too 😉 I don’t have to travel to work anymore but there are still plenty of times that this works – driving, walking the dog etc. So there are plenty of opportunities to reclaim my downtime and it has made quite a difference – though you just reminded me I also need to talk about the caveat/exception I mentioned so will probably do that this week,

      take care & best wishes,

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