Use A Smaller Plate (Efficiency Hack #13)

Efficiency Hack #7: Use A Smaller Plate

So, through experimenting with the 4-hour body diet and looking at diets and my health in general, there are a couple of things that I’ve done which have helped along the way.

One which I told you about last week is using a bottle to make sure I drink enough water. Another, which I wrote about previously is making the decision that if I’m going to be restricting so much what I put into my body, then I may as well make it as good as it can be (A Simple Thought That’s Helping Me Be More Healthy), but another thing I’ve been doing which is a simple ‘hack’ is just to use smaller plates.

For me it makes a huge difference.

This also relates a little to one of our wealth tips: You don’t have to finish it – but perhaps it’s even better if you don’t put too much on your plate in the first place.

When you use smaller plates, you generally tend to serve yourself smaller portions and you eat less.

Also if your eating a pretty standard 3 meals per day, then a side-plate is going to be sufficient for a healthy diet for most people’s needs rather than a dinner plate.

We hardly use dinner plates any more at all (mostly just when we have guests).

Same goes for bowls – swap big bowls for little ones (or soup bowls) whenever you can.

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