Gift #2: Thanks To Our Readers and Commentors

As promised in this post, here we want to say thank you to all of our readers and commentors.

First of all, thank you to all of our readers who have not commented on any of the posts but have visited the site just the same. Some people do prefer not to comment but we appreciate you visiting our site and hope you will come back again.

To everyone on our email list, we really really appreciate your support and feedback and you will be automatically getting Gift #3 too.

To everyone who has shared our content via social media, many thanks, we really do appreciate it – p.s. if you haven’t already and want to connect with us and help us build a great community, please use the buttons at the bottom left of the footer to do so (it’s all free).

To everyone who has commented on our site this year – as a small token of our appreciation we have compiled the following list, in the spirit of sharing in this modern day and age, providing you a link (or 2 if possible) back to your sites below (in case you didn’t know, apart from any traffic you might get via people clicking through from here, this also helps your site’s Search Engine Optimization as these are extra backlinks to your site (the more backlinks you have the more authority your site has)).

So without further ado, many many thanks to:

  1. Adrienne Smith of latest post:
  2. Allie of latest post:
  3. Annie Andre of latest post:
  4. Cathy Taughinbaugh of latest post:
  5. Chad of latest post:
  6. Cristina Ansbjerg of latest post:
  7. Daow Huber of latest post:
  8. Deacon Bradley of latest post:
  9. Debbie of latest post:
  10. Dille Gunia of latest post:
  11. Everton Elliott for lots of great comments – Do you have a website yet we can promote Everton?
  12. Fran of latest post:
  13. Gabriel Maties – thanks for commenting Gabriel, you still don’t have your own website either?
  14. Hamish of latest post:
  15. Hany Choueiri of
  16. Howard of latest post:
  17. Jay Gumbs of latest post:
  18. Jim Polacio of latest post:
  19. JLLopez of latest post:
  20. Josh Sarz of latest post:
  21. Kurt Pertsch – thanks for the comments Kurt!
  22. Laura Schenck of latest post:
  23. Lesly Kahn of
  24. Lindsay of latest post:
  25. Mary of latest post:
  26. Nancy of latest post:
  27. Pedja of latest post:
  28. Pete of
  29. Razwana of latest post:
  30. Robin Shaw of latest post:
  31. Ryan of latest post:
  32. Sarah of latest post:
  33. Shani of latest post:
  34. Sharon of latest post:
  35. Sharon Knight of latest post:
  36. Sherri of latest post:
  37. Sire of latest post:
  38. Sophie of latest post:
  39. Srinivas Reddy of latest post:
  40. Stuart Shaw of latest post:
  41. Theresa Torres of latest post:
  42. Wee Peng Ho of latest post:
  43. Will Smith of latest post:


Gift #2: Thanks To Our Readers and Commentors — 24 Comments

    • No probs Shani & thanks. That’s all I want, a nice community and that’s what I’ve asked Santa for. It’s not that easy – I think I find it harder to build relationships online than offline but I’m trying my best (I’m very new to the ‘online world’ or the ‘blogoshpere’ as lots seem to call it) and because I haven’t asked for anything else for Xmas this year (I have plenty of tea bags already and I’m trying to cut down on chocolates) I think the elves might be working their magic already.

      take care Shani, have a great XMas, an even better 2012 & thanks again for your kind words,

  1. Alan,

    I want to thank you!! Your guest post gets visits and great comments almost every day. People are loving the post and I did too! That is what great guest posting is all about!

    Have great Holidays! And thank you so much for the mention.

    If you guys haven’t caught it yet, Alan wrote an awesome guest post for me:

    You’ll have to check it out!

    Allie recently posted..Smart SEO Tactics: A Blogger’s Quest to Learn and Implement SEOMy Profile

    • Hi Allie,

      no probs and thank you once more for the kind comments. I hope you’re still up for some more collaboration in Jan – I have a few ideas, I’ll email you about them between XMas & New Year, would that be OK?

      In fact to be honest, learning about all of this online stuff I’ve got lots of ideas buzzing around in my head, but I’m learning to try and have some focus and go through them one at a time.

      anyways, as always thanks for your help,

      Alan recently posted..Promise Yourself A Happy, Stress-Free ChristmasMy Profile

  2. Isabelle & Alan

    Your energy and enthusiasm is both inspirational and humbling.
    Apologies for the small contribution and can only promise more for 2012.

    Thank you for keeping frienship and positive thinking alive in this way.

    We wish a fantastic holiday season and a great New Year for you, your family and everyone dear to you!

    • Wow! Thanks for the kind words my friend,

      of course our friendship will always be alive!! But the big question is, why don’t you have your own website yet? A man with your technical skills should have a hundred of them… All inter-linked with some mad massive database 😉

      thanks again for the kind and (sorry but I have to steal your word and re-use it) humbling words – very best wishes to you and your lovely family for Christmas & 2012,


    • No probs Hamish,

      thanks for stopping by in the first place and for your helpful comments,

      Merry XMas & a Happy New Year to you too!

      take care & best wishes,

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