How To Create A 100% Free Website In Less Than 3 Minutes

Do you realise how easy and inexpensive it is to have your own website these days?

In fact not only can you do it for free but you can be up and running in under 3 minutes. The following video shows you exactly how in very easy steps and will literally get you started in the blink of an eye.

The video shows you how to make a site using

Disclaimer #1: There are many options when it comes to free websites, so this is far from the only way. I’ve used a few of them too – this site (i.e. Life’s Too Good) was created in Google Sites (which is also completely free) before I moved it to WordPress (I explain why in this post about comments). Then there’s also hubspot, squidoo, weebly, wix and any number of others – there are lots of free website platforms.

Disclaimer #2: This is my first ever video and it’s a little rough around the edges. Here is the bit that got chopped off the beginning whilst my crappy computer struggled to catch up with the record button I’d just pressed:

The part that got chopped off at the beginning:

“Hey everybody, this is Alan Chatfield from I’m really excited and also more than a little nervous to show you How To Create A 100% Free Website In Less Than 3 Minutes. This video is inspired by and for my good friends Dave, Tony and Ian, each of whom have asked me how to make a website – so this is for you guys, I hope you like it. It’s also a little for me too because it’s the first video I’ve ever made which is…”

Yes, believe it or not, unknown to me the computer chopped all that off at the start of the audio. As I went through a good number of takes before I could record this without crashing my computer and each time having to create a new google mail ID, a new wordpress ID and a new name for the blog, I thought I’d stick with this one… enjoy…

Despite being rough around the edges, I’m actually quite proud of this. It does live up to its promise and show you how to create a new site in under 3 minutes and also how to get started. Please let me know what you think in the comments below…


How To Create A 100% Free Website In Less Than 3 Minutes — 6 Comments

  1. Sorry you had trouble creating your first video Alan. You did a great job though explaining how to create a simple free website using WordPress.

    Your blog looks great too. I had actually checked it out before from Steve’s site and this was the first post I read.

    I have a question about that popped into my head while watching the video. When you use it with your own domain name, do you have to pay the $99/year or can you somehow just use your own domain name with the free option?

    • When I was a boy I had some toys called Weebles – ever heard of those?

      Anyways, your question: To use your own domain with actually costs $12 per year – to do so once you have created your free blog, to map your domain go to settings -> Domains and click the blue ‘Add Domain to Blog’ button.

      Personally, though I’m way beyond that now and use a hosted version of wordpress (for several sites, I think as you do) I would advise for anyone starting out to stick with 100% free free free, either wordpress, weebly, google sites or anything else and once they have something and know a bit more about where they want to go etc. with their online presence, take the next step and get some hosting.

      The point of the article was really just to show that you can do it all for free and these days it’s really simple (not so long ago you’d need to know HTML, web design/Dreamweaver plus how to install various components). These days it’s just a few clicks, all done for you and literally anyone can do it.

      Finally the good thing about starting with WordPress is the kind of progression you can make with it is all good learning – i.e. everything you learn from the free version of WordPress can also be applied to a hosted version later if you want to go that way,

      cheers Jay,

  2. Great job Alan for your first video. Can’t believe the first of it cut off like that.

    You did great explaining how to create a free blog. I have a free training site that shows people how to create a blogger blog and a self hosted WordPress blog. I hate seeing people struggle with these simple tasks so I just decided to create a free training site to show them how to do a lot of the basic things online. I think so far, most people have found it really helpful.

    Great job explaining and I like the look of your blog. Will have to stop back by and check out more of your content. Until then, have a wonderful day!


    • Hey Adrienne,

      that’s really kind of you to say so. I find it a bit embarrassing to be honest (especially having chopped off the first bit) but honestly was getting so frustrated with it that I wanted to post it anyway, at least as something I can improve upon next time – also because in any case it did prove my little challenge to myself – that I could show people it’s possible to create a free blog in under 3 mins.

      thanks for saying the blog looks good, I think I’m starting to get happy with the way it looks now but it’s forever evolving as my learning seems to be a meandering (and never ending) journey. So that’s my excuse for saying it may look altogether different in a few months!!

      thanks for stopping by & take care,

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