Influence Difference

NLP Snippets - Influence Difference

Your main objective when influencing difference is to obtain “mismatching” behaviour (in NLP terms).

Mismatching behaviour is when a person or individual seeks to do an action which is different from his past, familiar actions. It could be an improvement from his past actions, or an entirely new action. This behaviour is triggered by “difference thinking”, and you have the power to influence that thinking when you communicate with others.

For example, if an online ad says, “Breakthrough Weight Loss Product Presents An Entirely New Solution To Losing Fat”, that’s influencing difference thinking. If you read through the entire ad, you’ll notice that they’re presenting a totally new, “breakthrough” product that was never before seen or manufactured elsewhere.

When you influence difference thinking, you emphasize something new, unique, unheard of, or not found anywhere else. If you own a company or business, know the unique characteristics that you have as an organization. Ask yourself what sets you apart from your competitors, and use that to win more customers. If you’re a public speaker, get rid of cliché’ and commit yourself to presenting new information to your audience. This will help influence difference thinking and motivate them to listen to you more.

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