Systems: (Efficiency Hack #11: Use A System)

Efficiency Hack #13: Use A System

Human beings are amazing creatures.

We’re actually programmed to find shortcuts and form habits, to create behavioral systems so that we can give our brains a break.

In short, left to nature – we’re lazy.

But good lazy.

Really good lazy.

Impressive lazy.

So why not take advantage of this amazing ability and create systems which will help you be even better at what you’re naturally gifted at.

That’s right – creating systems, whether automated or not (i.e. just having a systematic way of doing things) gives you more mental freedom to focus on the things you really need to focus on and do the stuff you have systems for on auto-pilot.

So create systems whenever you can. Document things so that you can return to them if you need to, use acronyms, rhymes and songs to remember things, find existing systems and frameworks to make things easier – it will all help you be much more efficient.

Ask yourself this question:

Is there a system for this?

If you want more on this you can read a more in-depth article on the subject here: Systems: Why They Are Such A Big Deal

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