Tiny Decisions (Efficiency Hack #5: Make Tiny Decisions)

Efficiency Hack #4: Make Tiny Decisions

These posts I’m calling ‘Efficiency Hacks’ are very much like tiny decisions…

They follow the same principle.

They’re very quick and very easy to write, and intended to put an idea across as quickly as possible, no frills but great high impact concepts. That’s the idea anyway.

They don’t sit around in draft format for ages, I never procrastinate about writing them or publishing. I just do it and Bang – publish right away.

Why Make Tiny Decisions?

So on to this particular hack then – Tiny Decisions.

Tiny decisions are easy to make. They are motivating. They empower you and keep you moving forward.

Big decisions are harder to make. They often get put off. They lead to things piling up and that terrible curse of procrastination. They hold you back.

So do this: When faced with a big decision you feel you’re not ready to make, don’t just say “I can’t make this decision right now, I need more time to think about it.”.

Say instead: “OK, I can’t make this decision right now, but what decision can I make which might help?” At least ask that question.

Often big decisions can be broken down into smaller components. Getting into the habit of making smaller decisions, faster keeps you moving forward.

The most successful people in the world make decisions quickly.

There is another big advantage to making tiny decisions. When you make big decisions you’re often ‘pot committed’ you put more into it and end up being more committed to a particular path, even if it’s the wrong one.

Tiny decisions are smaller and can even be seen as temporary, they keep you agile and allow you to alter your course without too much wasted time or investment.

Trust me, this is powerful stuff.

Cut down on long term planning, procrastination and big projects and try making smaller more agile decisions from today and I’m sure you’ll see some great results.

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Tiny Decisions (Efficiency Hack #5: Make Tiny Decisions) — 9 Comments

  1. Its true that Tiny decisions are smaller and can even be seen as temporary, however, having big decisions are being seen and noticed easily.

  2. Very interesting look at the difference between making small decisions and making big ones. I agree that when you make a big decision you feel like you have to see it all the way through. It’s like when you’re half way through a terrible movie and feel like you have to finish it even though it is just awful.

    Making tiny decisions are quicker and you can often do more of them in a row. You usually can’t make many big decisions all at once. In fact the last time I did that I got way overwhelmed. Tiny ones can all add up too and become something really big.

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