Ask Someone Who Knows (Efficiency Hack #6)

Ask Someone Who Knows

Has it ever taken you far longer than it should to learn or understand something?

I know I’ve experienced this on several occasions.

Because as I said in my last post (‘Change is not as easy as you make it sound‘) I like to learn things for myself.

But if you want to be Efficient then that’s often not the best way.

So the next simple efficiency tip, and this one is so simple it’s scary – just ask someone who knows.

It’s so simple that this is almost not worth writing.

Like I’m telling you anything significant here…

But how often do you do this?

Why You Should Ask Someone Who Knows

Just asking someone who knows has more benefits than you may think and there’s also a little more going on than you think when you scratch the surface of this simple decision.

Because everyone has their own view of the world, we’re all different and have our own different circumstances so there’s your view and the person you asked for a start.

There’s finding out that thing (or those things) you needed to know.

But then there’s also making a connection.

There’s a possibility via that connection to stumble into some new opportunities.

Yes – Networking.

Asking people for help is a great way to network, meet new people and you’d be surprised – more often than you think people actually welcome being given the chance to help someone.

I recently reached out to Tom Ewer of Leaving Work Behind to ask for some advice on a topic Tom knows much more than me about (i.e. web stuff). Tom didn’t claim to be the expert (he didn’t need to be – he was expert enough to help me) but he graciously offered his help and advice freely, was really helpful and in just a really brief 10-15 minute call gave me some advice which would probably have taken me five times as long to find out if I was searching for the answers on my own. In that call I also gave Tom an idea to consider for one of his projects which in turn he wouldn’t have got if he hadn’t taken the call – i.e. you never know where any given conversation between two people may take you.

p.s. Though Tom was being modest and claiming he’s not the expert – I actually think he is & knows his stuff – look him up.

So if you do need a quick answer, think who the best person to help you with that particular thing would be then just reach out to them and give them a try – you might be pleasantly surprised.

Note: Be sure when you do this to offer to reciprocate and give any help you can in return.

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Ask Someone Who Knows (Efficiency Hack #6) — 9 Comments

  1. It is a simple concept, but well worth writing about. I used to be one of those people who wouldn’t ask others about things simply because I wanted to appear as smart. What I’ve learned is that you need to get rid of that mindset because you’re never going to know everything.

    You’re 100% correct about connecting networking to asking advice. This is something I’ve actually had to learn about recently. I’m in student teaching right now and I’ve had to learn to come to others. It’s almost a requirement. And getting good advice back is only half the reason to go to them. The other half is all about networking. It’s extremely important for me right now to do that and one of the best ways for me to do it is to go to others and ask their opinions on things.

    • Exactly Steve. When it comes to relationships and reaching out to people, as long as you’re genuine and not taking the p***, I’d say go for it anyway, even if you’re having second thoughts, because you’re more likely to regret not reaching out to someone than giving it a go – as you say, at least it’s networking if nothing else,

      thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi Alan!
    i agree with you if we have to need the advice or help and want the help from someone then we should be do this.because it is the benefit for your business and getting something .you can make a goodrelationship whether they relate to any post.

  3. Networking is one heck of a strategy, Alan 😉

    I do agree with on 🙂 If we have any doubts or want any help, just ask someone else (it is surprising how many people are willing to help, especially if we have good number of quality friends).

    I am still working on the networking part (since I am free now, I am thinking of many strategies in which I could use the SM sites to the fullest – to maximize the results I get). For instance: I recently began to manually DM my followers (well, at least people I know). I have thought of similar strategies for my other SM accounts (once I relaunch/launch them, I will be experimenting with those, before I start my new blog).

    • Networking is crucial Jeevan,

      Always has been, always will be.

      I’d say you’re a bit of an expert already seeing some of the relationships you’ve developed online but if you want to know more about it, or even just a sounding board, drop me an email and we’ll sort something out,

      take care buddy,

  4. It is great to foster those relationships when you have an online business. You never know where they may lead. Take care and thanks for an inspiring post!

  5. It was extremely nice of Tom Ewer to offer free advice, this is a mark of true professional. I agree if one is offering some free advice, its nice to give them back something as well. Just by asking, you will be surprised that many will be willing to help for free. There are some good people around.

    • Hey Shalu,

      thanks for the comment & you’re right, there are some good people around. I’ve been blown away by some of the people I’ve met on line & how helpful they’ve been & Tom is definitely a good example,

      take care & best wishes,

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