How To Make Exercising Fun: 4 Tips You Can Start Using Right Away!

Do you find it difficult to exercise? Is it more like a chore?

Well, I did too. A few years ago, I did join a gym with state of the art equipment. I got a good induction. I started with good intentions: twice a week. Then … it all went wrong. I found little excuses. I couldn’t make it this time but next week for sure. But, the week after, it was too cold and my knees hurt, …. and so on. Twice a week became weekly then once a fortnight, if that.

My husband, thinking the problem was having to go to the gym, bought a few gym equipments and turned a bedroom into a gym, complete with TV.

Did it help me? I’m afraid, not at all.

Circuit Training…

I still had a few extra pounds after my daughter’s birth that I just couldn’t get rid of. So, I didn’t want to give up on the idea of exercising completely. That’s when I noticed a Circuit Training class taking place while I was on the treadmill. It was varied, looked fun. Presto, I gave it a go and I became a regular. I loved the mix of cardio and strength exercises, the speed and … the results. Muscles started to appear in my arms. My waist was slimmer. I couldn’t tell you how much I lost as I don’t weigh myself. I judge my size by how well I fit in my clothes and my husband’s feedback!


Then, I noticed a Salsa Aerobics class taking place just after. It looked really fun, especially as I love dancing and don’t really get the opportunity to. I also tried and loved Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga. Soon, I had easily 2/3 sessions a week with a mix of cardio, strength and stretching exercises.

Now It’s Karate, Walking & Zumba…

Since we’ve moved to the country, I had to change my daily activities based on the classes available here. So now it’s: Kyokushin Karate (a very physical style of Karate), walking every day with the dog (Derbyshire is just absolutely perfect for that!) and Zumba!

Zumba is great. Firstly, there’s the music: Latin and contemporary, it makes you feel like dancing straight away. Then, the moves. Yes they are repeated but there are so many of them. Not only does Zumba draw on Merengue and Salsa but also Cumbia (a Columbian dance that incorporates a lot of belly dancing moves), Reggeaton (Latin Urban dance), African beats, Calypso. Finally, the spirit. Zumba is fun. It does make you smile, mostly because you move in a way you never did before.

4 Tips To Make Exercising More Fun

So, here are my tips to make exercising fun for you:

  1. Find a regular activity or class that’s fun and good for your body and give it a go. Not only will you exercise your body but you will also learn a new skill. Having fun will help enhance your mood too.
  2. If you like it, commit yourself to doing it every week.
  3. Enroll a friend if it helps with regularity.
  4. If you don’t like the first class you try, don’t be put off. Try a different teacher or a different activity until you find a class or activity that really motivates you.

Zumba is a good example of that. It took me 3 attempts at different classes before I found one that I liked. Even though Zumba instructors go through the same Zumba training, they put together their own routines and chose their own songs according to their own personality and previous experience. The results can largely vary from a perfect Latin Party, which Zumba should be, to a slightly Latin very much aerobics class.

Here are some ideas of activities you might like to try:

  • climbing
  • baseball / rounders
  • cycling
  • walking / trekking
  • martial arts
  • canoing / rowing
  • swimming
  • water polo
  • yoga
  • tai-chi
  • pilates
  • dance classes

If you have a similar story, please do share in the comments below and let us know why you love the activity you’re into now.

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    • Hi Lesly,

      it is – that’s probably the one that made the most difference for me. Once I start exercising with a friend/friends and also get more social benefit out of it it’s much more motivating. Not to mention the accountability aspect!

      thanks for stopping by!

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