New Year’s Resolutions… Struggling to Keep Yours? Try This Resolution Instead…

New Years Resolutions: Try this Resolution instead: Try something new every month

How are you doing with your New-Year Resolutions? Have you given up already?

Well, if you have, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. On average, people give up their New-Year resolutions by 9th January!

Pathetic? … well, maybe a little … but understandable.

Why Do People Set New-Year Resolutions?

Because after a week or more of eating and drinking, people want to face the new year as a new person. Losing weight is one of the main resolutions quickly followed by exercising more.

Why Do People Give Up Their New-Year Resolution?

People give up because it’s hard to change and they’re not ready.

The idea of making resolutions however is a good one. It’s a great idea to take time every year to think about what your life is like, whether you’re contented or not, where you are heading to. Everybody should do it. But, you don’t have to do it on 1st January, still hungover from the night before.

Any date is good to set new resolutions as long as you’re ready for it. And rather than just setting resolutions, go through a process such as the one described in this article: How to be your own Life Coach (with a life wheel followed by goal setting and action plan).

If you don’t fancy all that and feel contented with your life just as it is, here’s an idea:

Why Not Make Just One Good Resolution … That of Trying Something New Every Month

It can be anything: a new type of food, a new hobby, a place you’ve never been to before, … It doesn’t have to cost money but will fulfill you in many ways: it gives you a challenge, opens you horizons, stretches your comfort zone.

In January, I discovered haggis and Burns night traditions. In February, I’m going to try snow boarding. In March I think I’ll start a Spanish conversation group.

It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. I’m looking forward to it and loving it all!

What new things would YOU like to try?


New Year’s Resolutions… Struggling to Keep Yours? Try This Resolution Instead… — 12 Comments

  1. ooh i love Haggis. It’s one of my favorite things about scottish breakfasts. I can’t stand oat cakes though. YUCK…

    This is some good advice you have here. I don’t do new years resolutions because they seem to never stick. I do exactly what you say which is make small goals throough out the year and always try to do one new adventurous thing every few weeks. Last Month i tried fasting for 30 days. It was life changing. I’ve really been dying to take a few lessons on the accordion and musical saw of all things and then try to be a street performer for a day. That would be crazy.

    • Hey Annie,

      I knew this would be right up your street 😉 It’s basically adventurology, isn’t it – tryiiing new things all of the time. Myself I try new things every time I get an idea. Which can be too often in fact. I’m terrible for trying to do too much at once. Too many interests. I think the experts say it takes between 21 days-28 days to form a new habit – which is why one new thing per month is perfect.

      I am going to make you play the accordion for me one day 😉

      a bientot,

  2. I like this approach since it takes the focus away from changing yourself and puts it onto trying something new. From personal experience, I can see how hard it is to keep to resolutions. Most are forgotten by February. I can also see how many others have trouble too. I always expect the gym to be packed in January with less people around by March. Every year that happens.

    • The gym is a classic eager New Years Resolution that gets broken every year by millions of people around the world. Far far better to set yourself fitness goals throughout the year. Good point Steve, thanks!

  3. Isabelle,

    What a novel idea! I think I will try dark chocolate this month, next month coffee ice cream…OH, that is not the right kind of change, lol.

    Seriously, trying something, even small stuff, helps you get use to the idea of actually doing without the pressure of feeling you have to do it for life. There is less pressure. I did that last November when I started to workout with a trainer. I told her I would only try for a month, I got hooked real fast and I am still going. It feels good to be strong and energetic.

    And sometimes it doesn’t have to be something new, it can just be a change. For instance, cutting back a little on something.


    • Hi Allie,

      Oh, I do like dark chocolate too (a little square from time to time :). And if you’re struggling for things to add to your list to try, why not add cress (see our latest post:Watercress: The Forgotten Superfood). Very good for you!!!

      It’s really interesting what you’re saying about changing by committing to one month only at first. I worked a while ago with a Life Coaching client with a sugar addiction. She could only change by going completely cold-turkey and insisted on not setting a time limit so she could feel totally committed. Her solution worked wonders for her. I’m probably more like you, I like to try things out first for a little while and see how it goes. Interesting how different people’s approach to change can be.

      Take care

      • Isabelle,

        My husband is of the cold turkey philosophy. I don’t know how he does it. Actually, many times he does not and then feels like a failure and stops his efforts. I think the one thing he forgets is that he is human and was conditioned a certain way (by himself, his parents, his culture, etc). If you fall get right back up the day. It can take many times to finally find success.

        So how is snow boarding?

  4. Hi Razwana,
    Why won’t you be going to another Burns Night? Didn’t you like it? We had never been to one and got invited to 2 this year. What a laugh – I loved the poem and stabbing of the haggis, a bit too much whisky drinking for me. I’ll need to pace myself next year!
    The Spanish group is local… I like practicing a language while having something to drink, coffee or wine…. I think it helps my learning 🙂
    I like the idea of setting resolutions on your birthday … being 1 year older is always a sweet reminder to enjoy life more.
    Take care

    • Haggis isn’t my thing – that’s as simple as it gets !!! It was a great experience but not one I’m itching to repeat. Much like going on a roller coaster – you’ve been on one, you’ve been on em all !

      • Hey Razwana,

        point taken – gotta disagree with you about rollercoasters though 😉

        some of the latest ones I’ve seen recently with the kids bear no resemblance to those I’ve tried before. So I tried one. I was crying.


  5. Hi Isabelle,

    I agree, resolutions can be set at any point in time, but there is something about the turn of the year that is extra special. A friend of mine does this but on her birthday – novel and useful.

    Love the idea of trying something new every month. It can actually help those that set NY resolutions. For example, if the resolution is to get fit, trying a new activity every month is far more exciting than doing the same old exercise routine week in, week out.

    I’d be rather glad to join your Spanish conversation group as I would love to learn the language. Details please!

    I too had my first Burns Night experience, but last year. What a treat! It was courtesy of a client so we had great company. I won’t be going to another, which I would not have said without the experience.

    – Razwana

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